What makes a good Slip Card

  • It is about an idea or a concept.

  • You are trying to capture the outcome of

    • a reading
    • a question you asked yourself
    • a concept that you want to explain in your words
    • reframe a familiar conept in new words

Notes should be Evergreen – organized to collect, evolve, improve, and contribute over time.

  • Notes should be atomic – talk about one thing
  • Notes should be concept oriented – so that you can find connections between authors, books, materials connected by the concept instead. This is the crucial difference from ordinary note taking.
  • Notes should be densely linked (ie., like a “neuron”)
  • Notes should be ontologically associative (ie., tags) and not hierarchichally (eg: strict “trees” of categories). It is my own personal experience that trying to fit a a thought or a concept into a category (“where should I put this?”) often kills the thought before it has had a chance to breath on “paper”. This style of note taking should free the writer from such constraints and let him focus on getting the concept on paper.